Food is at the heart of an amazing event and our highly acclaimed caterers are at the heart of our prestigious venues. They are our link to our event spaces, and it’s an association we couldn’t be more proud of!

With venues as iconic, prestigious and diverse as ours, it's essential that we can offer our clients food to match. Dishes that look gorgeous, taste delicious and, perhaps most importantly of all, fit each setting and the individual events held within.
It's a tall order but our superb catering partners, Ampersand and Chester Boyd, always rise to the challenge, thrilling guests with dazzling dishes and exceeding all expectations. Tell them exactly what you want or let them surprise and delight you with their own fabulous creations!

Whatever is on the menu, our caterers always present exquisite food and deliver seamless service. Above all we want to offer you an exclusive culinary experience that will leave you itching to share with your friends and dying for seconds !

Brilliant bespoke menus from Ampersand’s award winning chefs will add a real edge and creative flair to your event – the perfect fit, whichever venue you choose!The team love the challenge of creating a stunning and unique dining experience tailored to your every wish. From sourcing the best local ingredients to perfecting the most visually stunning dishes, Ampersand’s focus is always on creating the perfect arrangement of flavours in chic menus designed to capture the imagination.

The experience and expertise of Chester Boyd ensures that your guests will receive food as astounding as the surroundings in which it is served. Seamlessly blending fine traditional dishes with tantalising twists of the contemporary, the chefs create menus which brim with sophistication and elegance – the perfect match to the warmth and grandeur of the livery hall venues in which they operate.