Roll out the barrel in Brewers’ Hall, and celebrate the wonderful world of beer. Expert beer sommelier Stephen Livens, from the British Beer and Pub Association, will take you on a journey through British ales, European lager, Belgian Style lambic beers, smoked beer and North American craft examples… all from the comfort of the City of London’s most emblematic venue.


Beer has a rich history and strong ties to the past, but in the 21st century, it is enjoying a vibrant new lease of life. Excellent microbreweries are springing up all over the UK, and we are constantly looking at the more exotic and fascinating possibilities of this very British institution.

Where better to host your corporate or private beer tasting event than a warm and inviting venue that just happens to be one of the UK's oldest homes to beer?? With matching canapés, your own sommelier for the night, and more, you’ll find all you need for an amazing beer-themed event at Brewers’ Hall.

We have three variations of the package to suit you, including “Music to my Ears” – a unique experiment with beer writer Pete Brown, who pairs beer with music, arguing that the sounds we hear affect how we taste beer. You can read more about our Beer Pack Launch here.