World famous Westminster Abbey is a dream venue for a variety of occasions. The Abbey provides a wide choice of unique settings for a prestigious corporate or charitable event – the Undercroft Museum, Cheyneygates, and in the summer months, the East Cloister and College Garden. The flexibility of choice allows for small receptions in intimate surroundings or large gatherings of up to 500 people in grandiose settings.

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Rooms in the Westminster Abbey

Undercroft Museum


Housed in the magnificent vaulted Undercroft, the museum dates back to just after King Edward the Confessor began building the Abbey in 1065. The historical prominence of the surroundings leaves even the hardest to impress guests enthralled. Subtle atmospheric lighting and a display of royal effigies, including the funeral effigy of King Charles II and King Henry VII, enhances the surroundings as your guests absorb all the Undercroft has to offer.



Cheyneygates is made up of two rooms proudly standing over the entrance to the cloisters of Westminster Abbey. Decorative highlights include a Flemish ‘flowers and vases’ tapestry of late 16th or early 17th century and paintings that provide a rare depiction of the 13th century choir stalls, destroyed in the 1770s. These rooms work well for meetings and lectures or, on occasion, small exclusive dinner parties.

East Cloister


The East Cloister is the perfect venue for summer receptions. To really immerse your guests in the rich history this venue has to offer, you can combine an event in this space with a tour of the Undercroft Museum or Abbey. The monks spent a great deal of their time in the cloisters, and, with the beautiful and calming views found here, it is not difficult to see why!

College Garden


Beautiful College Garden occupies a site that has been under continuous cultivation for more than 900 years. It was here that the Abbey’s first infirmary garden was established in the eleventh-century. The oldest surviving feature is the stone precinct walls at the far end, which date back to the fourteenth-century, while the oldest living things are the five tall plane trees, planted in 1849.
Available only for 5 weeks a year, College Garden is an unforgettable garden party location, for those lucky enough to book it!